For instance, "delight" is the opposite of "sorrow."


The girls were asleep.

Stephe tried to camouflage himself.

I could've helped you out.

She was not quick enough.

I'm almost done with my homework.

She had her heavy suitcase carried by the porter.

I never called him an idiot.

He likes stories.

Instead of making the difficult seem easy, as a professional entertainer should do, he actually makes the easy look difficult.


He could only wait to see it with his own eyes.

These are the first tomatoes from my garden.

I'll be out of town for a few days.


I met my teacher by accident at the restaurant last night.

Lanny looks very tired.

That's not such a good idea.

Olson was on that team.

In doing that I was gaining nothing and was bringing myself into danger.


I can't look at Marsha.

I'll make sure Piotr gets there on time.

My professor didn't have tenure and was fired.

Who shot them?

Take these goats to the mountain.

I have a broken nail.

Give that to me.


We must go there whether we like it or not.

I like a garden tree.

The present time is a good time.

The waitress served the tea.

That's so embarrassing.


If I had a dog, I'd call it Elias.


Show her the picture.


I'm fully qualified.


Soohong made these for you.


Do you actually feel sorry for Amarth?


I'm glad you ask me that question.

She complained to me of his rudeness.

Troy put his clothes on.

What ever are you doing here?

She wasn't dancing with him then.

Did you see what Aimee did to my bicycle?

I think Krzysztof is unbiased.


She's two years younger than me.


I was reading the book.

Let's continue doing this.

We are indeed sorry for his mistake.


I got up a minute ago.


The library is closing.

Rakhal did the bare minimum.

Dan didn't even act sick.

Obesity is a serious problem.

He is sincere in his promises.


People wear masks to prevent getting a disease.


He was worried about this news.

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Flight 101 from Paris arrived one hour ahead of time.


You must read between the lines.

Butler has his reasons.

Don't deceive Mitch.

I found that he was turned over to the police.

Ginny and I were both tired.


Where did you stone them?

Gerald bandaged Hume's hand.

Are you all listening to me?

That's what Gunnar tells me.

Why would anybody want to kill you?

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She was good for nothing.

We were living in Osaka for ten years before we came to Tokyo.

Don't let him sleep.

If you don't come tomorrow, notify me by phone.

How big is it?


Cindy has got it.

He took her virginity when she was just nineteen.

I am responsible for the mistake.

Ramsey got it all wrong.

I'd like to know what I did wrong.

You know where it is, don't you?

Tell Lorien I'd like to meet with him immediately.

I am going to swim in the pool.

I just want to see what happens.

I confessed.

Ken really helped me.

Why didn't you bring your hat today?

I would have at least asked you for the name, but my father's presence has been an impediment.

Bobby appears to be losing.

Her action is still making waves in Japanese society.

The sky was filled with airplanes.

That's not really important right now.

Tai actually took the time to talk to us.

What made you think we could trust Lana?


They drank tea with lemon, for his nagging cough, with his usual lump and a half of sugar.

She prides herself on her many accomplishments.

Why didn't you tell us you knew how to speak French?

I should never have doubted you.

I'm sorry if my words caused you pain.

I don't want them to take over.

We don't need a new international auxiliary language. The English language already fills that role.


Ross looked down at his broken leg.

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Let's leave before Steve gets here.

We're trying to fix this problem.

Happy holidays.

They always have something to say when people start talking about politics.

Manuel eats mostly fruits and vegetables, and only eats meat about once a week.

Is anything the matter with him?

I'll become stronger.


You're the one I love.

You do nothing, while I work.

Let me call you back.

Olaf told me that it was possible to rent a bicycle.

Ross just got back home.

"Soon it will get colder," said Mother Bat. "We will fly south where it is warmer and stay there all winter. This is what it means to migrate. We will travel to a cave where we will meet other bats. This is a wonderful time for us."

He can't be a poet.

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Who's causing all the problems?

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You'll have to speak to the clerk about that.


I can ensure a job for you.

This is one of the best Christmases I've ever had.

I guessed her to be 40.

Carl has left the door open.

I hope everybody is on our side.

Did you already have a meal or not?

Some are good, some aren't.

We're just waiting for Toft to do his thing.

I only did what was necessary.

We're proceeding according to plan.

I think that he is honest.

For world peace, therefore, we must develop the consciousness that we are all one people of planet Earth through continual international cultural and economic exchange.

Niels wanted me to get things started.


I don't think you're crazy.

You don't remember me, do you?

I don't know if I can trust you.

Can it actually be done?

Our first class is math.

Knapper has taught French for thirty years.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse her of anything.


Mistakes in the printing should be pointed out at once.

I know you're mad.

It seems like he has a big cock.

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Leave it to the professionals.

I'm not here to help you. I'm here to stop you.

All is calm tonight.

A recession is bound to come next year.

Let him go home.

From which station does the train leave?

Serve the fish on that platter.

You're the only person I know besides me who is actually interested in this kind of thing.

It was sunny this morning.


Do you think that's bad?

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The syringe is the instrument most commonly used to administer insulin.

There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.

I wish everybody else had the same opinion.

I told Marla to do that.

Bill has a lot of original ideas.


Hurry it up.

Juliet can't swim like he used to.

He became a hobo.

Oleg is my ex-boyfriend.

I think I will occupy myself in my father's business.

Reid and Tracy have been married for over 30 years.

It seems OK on paper, but I wonder if it's going to work.


Omar's parents are very proud of him and all he has achieved.

This is the same old problem we've had the past three years.

Did he tell you what to do?

Yamada isn't popular with girls in his own grade, but he's popular with the younger girls at school.

I just wanted Sri to calm down.